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Extended Care Enrichment Program
The Juan Diego Academy Extended Care Enrichment Program (ECEP) offers students a safe haven where they have fun while participating in instructor-led artistic, musical, literary and religious enrichment. A variety of activities drawing on Gardner’s multiple intelligences model will be planned for the children. Projects may change from week to week, or day to day. Outdoor games and activities are planned. The ECEP strives to positively affect the well-being and development of children by providing opportunities for leadership, decision making, and school service in a Catholic environment.
A monitored opportunity to complete homework assignments will be an option. Although we may offer children some assistance as they do their homework, tutoring is not available.
Before hours ECEP: breakfast is provided; after hours ECEP: snacks are provided.
For more detailed information download the ECEP Handbook from the link on the right. Parent(s)/guardians are asked to review the 2017-2018 Extended Care Enrichment Program (ECEP) guidelines in the Handbook and sign the Parent Acknowledgement and Acceptance of the Regulations of the Juan Diego Academy Extended Care Enrichment Program.